It’s estimated that by 2023 the global mobile toilet rental market will reach $2.368.46. It’s hard to go to an event outdoors where there isn’t a porta-potty rental in the field or nearby parking lot. If you’re event planning, you need to know your options for a dumpster rental.

Did you know that you can get a luxury restroom trailer rental? 

You won’t believe how incredible a porta-potty can be until you see these latest designs. This article will give four events perfect for a portable restroom.

That way, you can host events no matter the weather condition with the ideal porta-potty. 

Four Events That Need a Porta-Potty Rental

The most obvious event that needs a porta-potty is festivals. The last thing you want is to hold an event for musical acts and not give your guests a portable restroom. If you’ve ever experienced a festival without enough porta-potties, it’s not something you forget. 

And, without the correct amount of porta-potties, you can seriously harm your brand reputation and customer experience. 

1. Festivals 

Festivals are an excellent place for a porta-potty rental, as hundreds of people arrive in one location, usually outside. But, even for festivals that take place in a stadium, porta-potties can still come in useful as they give guests more restroom options. 

In general, you want to ensure that there are enough porta-potties based on the number of people at your event. This means you need to do a head check and count tickets so you can plan in advance for the number of restrooms. The lowest number of porta-potties is one per fifty people. 

But, this will vary depending on the size of the event. 

2. Weddings 

When you go to a wedding in a rural area or countryside estate, it’s essential to consider the practical side of event planning. Most people want to have something a little more elegant than traditional portable restrooms. Luckily, you can find luxury porta-potties that will blend perfectly with your wedding decorations. 

There’s no reason that you can’t give your guests comfort when going to the restroom in a portable toilet. This allows guests to fix their makeup and chat with other guests, and some even have air conditioning. If you’re planning a big dream wedding, booking a luxury porta-potty should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Remember to plan where to place the porta-potties so you still leave enough space for strolling around the property. 

3. Sporting Events 

Another common place for portable restrooms is sporting events. Some sporting events can last for several hours, so you need to provide plenty of restrooms for everyone throughout the day. As many people drink and eat a lot during sports events, you’ll likely have a long queue of people waiting to use the bathroom. 

Therefore, you should line up a line of restrooms outside the central area to avoid an angry crowd of sports fans who missed the goal because they were waiting for the toilet. Plus, it’s good to leave a large supply of hand sanitizer, so the risk of illnesses spreading at these events is minimal.

4. Corporate Parties 

Corporate events are typically very packed as people travel from over the country to these events to see speakers and network with their industry. During these events, people spend a lot of time eating and drinking, so naturally, they will need to go to the restroom frequently. 

Similar to weddings, luxury porta-potties are a good choice for this style of event as they look better at the venue. You can elevate your corporate event with stylish restrooms, so guests get a better experience with your business.

You can also give attendees extra space with mirrors and counter space in the luxury designs of porta-potties. This is great for making guests feel comfortable and at ease when going to a corporate event. 

Tips for Picking the Porta-Potty

Before you make a booking for your next porta-potty, you need to consider a few things first, as the size and space of your event will determine the number of restrooms you’ll need. If you don’t think about the dimensions of your event space, you could end up having last-minute disasters with the lack of bathrooms. 

It’s a good idea to sit down with your group of advertisers and discuss the following aspects of the event: 

  • What is the size of the event?
  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • Will there be food and drink at the event?
  • Do you know the weather for the date?

Even though the space and size of your event are important, it’s equally important to discuss the budget for your porta-potties. You want to find affordable options for the space and event, as it might be better to go with traditional restrooms if you’re hosting a mini outdoor festival or party. 

But, if you’re planning a large-scale corporate event that requires several lines of restrooms, you might want to upgrade to the luxury designs. This will increase the bathroom space and make the experience more pleasant for attendees. 

The last tip for picking your porta-potties is to rent from a high-quality seller. This will save you time and money if you find a company with experience setting up restrooms in different locations. And you’ll be able to get advice about how many porta-potties and features, such as air vents and sanitizing products, you need for your event. 

Bathrooms for Every Event

Most people leave organizing their porta-potty rental until the last minute. But you don’t want to risk losing out on the luxury restrooms because they are all booked up for when you need them. Therefore, the sooner you contact our team, the sooner we can get the porta-potties ready for you! 

We also have services for a roll-off dumpster as well as porta-potties. Check out our website here and learn more about everything that comes with our restroom rentals. 

Then, pick the option that suits you best and make a call to get a quote from our team today. 

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