Did you know that 32 million Americans attend music festivals during the year? Whether you’re planning a music-focused event, wedding, or something else outdoors, you’ll want to be prepared. And that includes providing plenty of options when your guests need a restroom. 

Read on to learn how to choose the ideal restroom trailer rental for your event space!

Consider the Type of Event

First, when choosing bathroom rentals, it’s wise to consider the event. Are you hosting a formal event or something more casual? And will the event stretch over several hours or several days?

The type of event will affect how many bells and whistles you need in a restroom trailer rental. For casual events that attract large crowds in the summer months, for instance, you might not need to prioritize aesthetics. A simple rentable bathroom or a small cluster of them may suffice. 

But for weddings and family reunions, you’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable. After all, many guests may have traveled long distances. And some may be wearing formal attire that they don’t want to get dirty. 

For larger concerts with special VIP areas, you might want to spring for a more deluxe rentable bathroom with air conditioning. Or, for overnight events, you may need a trailer with interior and exterior lighting. Keep in mind whether guests will be dressed up and need more space, as well as whether climate-controlled spaces are essential. 

Compare Restroom Trailers with Other Options

With the type of event in mind, you can make a more informed decision regarding the ideal event bathroom for your needs. Look at different types of restroom trailers, as well as simple or deluxe units. Understand what kinds of amenities your guests will need to enjoy the event. 

For instance, you can find portable restrooms that work well for events where you don’t need a fancier setup. Standard units still offer features such as ventilation and secure door latches. You will be able to fit more standard bathroom units in an area, which can be helpful for larger crowds.

You also can find bathroom units and trailers that are ADA-compliant to accommodate those with special needs. These trailers are equipped with ramps and spacious interiors that will make all of your guests feel welcome. Consider selecting one or more of these options to complement your standard bathroom units. 

If a luxury restroom trailer rental is what you have in mind, you’ll gain access to features like vanities and changing rooms. You’ll also be able to enjoy the look of woodgrain flooring and pleasing color schemes when you step inside one of these trailers.

Especially for formal or VIP events, these amenities can elevate the experience. And when you’re hosting events on a hot summer day, your guests will appreciate having access to a climate-controlled environment.

Look at Event Logistics

Are you hosting a country wedding in the middle of nowhere? Or are you hosting a car race at a local fairground? The answer to this question may determine how many toilets you need for your event. 

Look into the guidelines at your event location before pursuing a rental. After all, there may be limitations to how many bathroom rentals are permitted. 

You’ll also want to know how many existing restrooms are available at the event site. For example, there may be a structure at an outdoor park with eight bathroom stalls available. In that case, you’ll be able to trim the number of bathroom rentals you reserve.

Consider your space availability, as well. A luxury restroom trailer rental will need more space than a standard stall will. You’ll want to be sure that you earmark an area on the event grounds where you can locate one or multiple trailers. 

Don’t earmark just any space, either. Make sure you locate your bathroom rental in an area that’s obvious for guests to find. But don’t make it the star attraction at your event. 

Also, plan on asking about servicing and cleaning for bathroom rentals. This is essential when you’re hosting a festival or reunion that lasts for several days. You want your guests to feel like they are entering clean bathrooms — and you want to avoid odor or bacteria issues. 

Weigh the Costs

Finally, don’t overlook your event budget. If you opt for a restroom trailer rental, be prepared to spend more. But the investment is worth it to ensure your bathroom options match the level of your event.

Generally speaking, aim to have one bathroom per 25 guests. In other words, if you’re hosting an event with 100 guests, you’ll want around four bathrooms. To save money, you can choose one luxury trailer and offer upgraded stall units to satisfy the remaining needs.

With luxury trailers, you can personalize the restroom experience for guests, too. You can add a bouquet of fresh flowers or some event-specific decor to the interior. And you can wrap trailer railings in streamers or add personalized signage to the front of the ramp. 

At the very least, for fancier affairs, you should be choosing standard portable restrooms with sinks and flushable toilets. No-flush portable restrooms should be reserved for more casual events. 

Choose the Ideal Restroom Trailer Rental

A good restroom trailer rental can make your event feel more professional — and your guests feel more comfortable.  Consider the type of event you’re hosting to help determine what level of trailer you need. And consider logistical matters, such as location and cost, when you’re making your decision. 

When you need help finding the best portable restrooms for your needs, contact us!