You have fallen head-over-heels for adventure. You love the wide-open skies, the breathtaking terrain, the endless seaside, and the natural wonder of it all.

The only thing that hasn’t stolen your heart? The bathroom situation—or lack thereof. A luxury restroom trailer rental can change that. 

Whether you’re making a film in a stunning but remote location, enjoying an adventure wedding at the summit of a favorite hiking trail, or throwing a concert for a discerning crowd, everybody has to go. Rather than offering a standard port-a-potty, a luxury rental is a modern, stylish and comfortable alternative. Trailers include everything from extra legroom to amenities like paper towels, so guests will forget they’re out in the wild. 

We’ve created this guide to help you solve one of the biggest problems in event planning. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about bringing your standard porta potty rental to the next level with luxury event rentals for outdoor events.

Why Would Someone Need a Bathroom Trailer?

Do you remember the last time you attended an event with porta potties? If so, you likely remember smelling them long before you saw them, waiting in line, and holding your breath while squatting in the dark. Many people would prefer to hold it in for hours than endure that kind of torment.

Now imagine navigating that cramped, sewage-scented nightmare in your wedding dress or a bespoke costume on the set of a film. Not only would you struggle with space, but you’d also feel less like a VIP than you’d hoped. With no other bathrooms in the vicinity, you might wonder what options you have other than taking your chances and squatting in the woods.

That’s where a luxury restroom trailer comes in. These high-end portable restrooms have all the comforts and amenities you’d expect on a film set or at a classy event. There’s light, sinks, and enough room to navigate, whether you’re wearing a princess-style ballgown or a pair of footie pajamas. 

Luxury Restroom Trailers for Any Event

Are you unsure if your event could use a luxury trailer? Here are a few of the reasons our happy customers have rented luxury restroom trailers:

  • Outdoor weddings
  • Adventure weddings and elopements
  • Outdoor galas and events
  • Open air concerts and performances
  • Ticketed festivals
  • Family reunions or picnics
  • Film sets in remote locations
  • Outdoor theatrical experiences
  • Photoshoots
  • Fashion events 

Offering guest bathrooms is a sign of respect. They show that you care about your talent, guests, and participants and want them to feel comfortable. A little touch of luxury is enough to put everyone at ease—no squatting or breath-holding required!

What Makes Our Trailers Luxurious?

Even if it’s unspoken, people know the difference between a “good bathroom” and a “bad bathroom.” That’s how they decide where to stop on road trips. A “bad” bathroom is memorable because it’s such an unsafe and unhygienic experience it can taint an entire experience. 

The ideal bathroom is clean, functional, well-lit, and provides everything you need to take care of business. The perfect bathroom should meet your needs so effectively that you don’t have to think about it. If the toilets are more memorable than the wedding reception, something has gone horribly wrong!

Our portable luxury bathroom trailers are almost too good to forget. The high-end spaces resemble the contemporary restrooms in any fancy venue. We often hear squeals of surprise when a guest steps in and sees the interior of one of our trailers for the first time. 

For once, you won’t have to do your business and get out. Guests have the light, space, and amenities they need to stick around to touch up their hair and makeup. A little luxury goes a long way toward improving your guest experience. 

What Does Each Trailer Include?

At Freedom Waste Services, we take our commitment to luxury seriously. Here’s what you can expect when you rent a luxury bathroom trailer from Freedom Waste:

  • Climate control to provide comfort in any weather
  • Attractive lighting (including natural light) is perfect for touching up your look
  • Wood grain laminate flooring 
  • Muted colors and high-end decor to match your event
  • Large, well-lit mirrors 
  • Sinks with running water
  • A spacious floor design

Your guests won’t be lining up for one stall, either. Each trailer includes multiple sit-down toilets and even a functional urinal. Your guests may never have to wait in line for their turn to luxuriate in privacy. 

Our trailers always come stocked with the high-quality consumable products that your guests need to feel comfortable. We’ll include the best toilet tissue and paper towels for a thoroughly luxurious experience.

Some hosts choose to stock each trailer with additional amenities to emulate the finest restaurants and hotels. There is plenty of room for added luxury if you wish to go the extra mile. 

Enjoy Comfort Anywhere With Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

When traveling to a beautiful location, you shouldn’t have to pack a single ounce of dread. You can eliminate anxiety and guessing by choosing a luxury restroom trailer rental. It’s the ideal way to bring the comforts and amenities of a restroom anywhere you roam.

You can go anywhere without a care when you employ Freedom Waste Services. We offer roll off dumpster rental, standard portable toilets, and the luxury bathroom trailers described above. Contact us for a quote so we can take care of the waste and leave you to your good time.