It’s estimated that for every individual about 1,361.4 pounds of trash is disposed of each year. It’s estimated that individuals also create about 710.6 pounds of recycled waste. People throw a lot of things away every year and may need help doing that. If you are moving or clearing out your home, you may need a roll off dumpster.

Many people choose a dumpster rental to make this process easier for themselves. It supplies them with the room they need to throw away unnecessary items.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about roll off dumpster containers. 

Are Roll Off Dumpsters the Same as Containers?

People may get confused about the terminology when it comes to construction dumpsters. You may be wondering if a roll off dumpster is the same as a container.

The reality is that these dumpsters are considered to be containers. Any dumpster that you rent is going to be a basic container that allows you to throw out items.

There are different types of dumpsters you can buy, but the same rule applies. That is why you will want to look into your options to make sure you pick the right one.

You also need to make sure you pick out the correct size for what you are throwing away. For instance, if you are getting a home, you may need a much larger dumpster.

If you are planning on moving, One of the smaller sizes will probably work. You usually have options like 10 to 12 cubic yard containers all the way up to 30 cubic yard containers.

How Much Is a Roll Off Dumpster?

Another common question people have regarding junk removal is the cost. This is understandable since you are most likely on a tight budget.

The problem is that there is no simple answer to how much this will cost you. Everyone’s bill is going to be different depending on the size and type of dumpster you choose.

If you go with a roll off dumpster, it still depends on the size and how long you need it. If you need the dumpster replaced once it is filled, this will also raise the price.

That is why companies like Freedom Waste offer free quotes to potential customers. This allows you to understand how much you will be paying before you commit.

This is the best option if you have never rented a dumpster and don’t know how much it will cost.

Where Will the Dumpster Go?

If you are getting a dumpster rental, you may be wondering where it will be dropped off. After all, this is a very large container that may stay there for several weeks.

Generally, the best place for a dumpster is on a hard and level surface. Most companies prefer to drop off dumpsters and driveways or other areas that are flat and hard.

It is best to not have it placed on a dirt surface as it can sink in. This is especially risky if there is rain that softens the soil.

Are There Waste Restrictions?

When you rent a dumpster, you need to understand the restrictions. There may be local restrictions about where the dumpster can be placed and how long you can have it.

For the most part, chemicals cannot be put into roll off dumpsters. This includes things like weed killers, fluorescent lightbulbs, and cleaning chemicals.

Hazardous items like motor oil, tires, and batteries also should not be thrown away. Most major appliances are not allowed, as well as concrete.

If you need to dispose of some of these items, you should talk to the rental company about that. They may be able to help you find an alternative solution.

You also cannot exceed the weight limit for the dumpster that you rent. If you need to throw away more items, you will need to rent another dumpster if you didn’t get the right size the first time.

That is why it is often recommended to buy a size slightly larger than what you think you need.

Benefits of Roll Off Dumpsters

If you are thinking of renting a roll off dumpster, there are several benefits to consider. A renovation dumpster is a practical way to tackle a large project involving waste.

A roll off container will allow you to clear out your home and other areas of your property. This is often a quicker and more affordable solution than other options for disposal.


A roll off dumpster is a very versatile option for people to rent. It allows you to throw away all kinds of items of various shapes and sizes.

These are items that you would otherwise have to pay your garbage company to dispose of. It is also a more convenient option since you have more control over the situation.

You have plenty of time to dispose of these items, and you don’t even have to move the container yourself.


Trash and large pieces of debris can become quite hazardous for your home. These items can decrease your home’s value and even injure someone in the process.

A dumpster provides a safe solution that allows you to throw away these items. All dumpsters have lids, so you don’t have to worry about anyone falling inside and getting hurt.

Roll Off Dumpster FAQs

If you are thinking of renting a roll off dumpster, these FAQs should help you with this decision. This is a great option if you are clearing out your home or need to get rid of construction materials.

Do you want to rent a dumpster? Contact us today at Freedom Waste to get a free quote.