While weddings are sometimes intimate affairs, the average wedding size in 2022 was 117 guests. The bigger your guest list, the more you need to consider adding services and accommodations like a luxury restroom trailer rental and resting areas.

Most venues come with bathrooms, but if you have an extensive guest list, your wedding guests might end up queueing outside the bathrooms. This not only means there’s a bigger chance that the bathrooms end up dirty and unusable, but this also causes your guests to miss out on the festivities.

This is where a restroom rental comes into play. Not only does it add more restrooms to the venue, but you can also pick and choose which features you want to add. Gone are the days of ugly blue porta-potties; now you can add luxury to rented bathrooms that can match the aesthetic of your wedding.

So, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of a luxury restroom trailer rental.

Larger Capacity

When you opt for luxury restroom trailers, you immediately get a bigger restroom than you would if you chose to rent a normal rental restroom. These luxury trailers are not only bigger in size, but they also have more amenities.

These restrooms are designed to be used at functions. They don’t just have a toilet and basin; these restrooms have climate control, sinks, mirrors, and all the space you need to fully freshen up before you hit the dance floor.

If you’re looking for a stylish option that matches the look and feel of your wedding, then you should look no further than a luxury trailer restroom.

Venue Freedom

One of the main benefits of renting luxury restrooms is you have more options when it comes to your venue. If you don’t have to worry about finding a venue with enough bathrooms for all your guests, then you can easily find your perfect venue. When you reduce the constraints you have when wedding planning, you have more freedom to make your dream a reality.

If you want to have an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to pick a different venue for the reception. Since catering already brings everything you need, food and drinks wise, if you add restrooms to your outdoor wedding, you won’t have to make the move.

Renting restrooms is also a good idea if you’re hosting your wedding at your house. This way, people won’t have to traipse through your home to use your personal bathroom. You can still use your bathroom to get ready, but your guests will have their own space.

Climate Control

Most bathrooms are notorious for freezing in the winter and turning into a sauna in the summer. This is why climate control is so important. You don’t want your guests walking around with sweat stains after they’ve used the bathroom.

A climate-controlled bathroom gives your guests a better experience and adds a feeling of luxury.

Many people would rather skip using genetic porta-potties and leave early to go home. You don’t want the bathroom options to be the only thing people talk about after your wedding. So give your guests a quiet place that’s climate-controlled to freshen up.

They’re Customizable

Luxury rental bathrooms are not only stylish and elegant, but you can also customize them. If you have a themed wedding, then the theme can also be incorporated into this space. This means you can ensure your bathrooms will match the aesthetic and general feel of your wedding.

Whether you want specific lighting fixtures like chandeliers or you want to include your wedding colors, you control how your bathrooms look. If you know your guests need a place to check their outfits, consider adding full-length mirrors to the space. This way, your guests can look fabulous, and you can ensure they have enough space to take some selfies along the way.

If you want to make small changes, you can add customized hand towels and soaps to the bathrooms. This way, the space feels customized, but you don’t need to plan too much.

Much Cleaner

Most standard porta-potties don’t have running water. This means there are no sinks and no flushing toilets. In this instance, your guests would need to use hand sanitizer after using the restroom.

While there’s nothing wrong with hand sanitizer, most people feel cleaner after washing their hands with running water. No running water means the waste also doesn’t get flushed away.

Think of airplane bathrooms. The waste doesn’t stay in the bathroom, but it just gets sucked away. This means that there might be a lingering scent in the air after a few uses.

Unless sanitation services clean the restrooms between uses, it can quickly end up being a stinky mess in there. So rather, opt for luxury models that have running water and act like a normal house bathroom.

Consider a Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

If you’re wedding planning and you know you’re inviting quite a few guests, why not consider a luxury restroom trailer rental? This way, your wedding guests have access to quality bathrooms, and you don’t have to worry about people missing out on your big day because they’re queuing to use the bathroom. So go ahead and consider adding rental restrooms to your wedding plan.

If you’re looking to rent luxury restroom trailers for your wedding, contact us today. At Freedom Waste Services, our luxury restroom trailers provide all the comforts of home in a portable toilet solution.