Americans want clean restrooms so badly that a recent survey found one in three said they’d pay to use one! Restroom trailers are the answer for your next big event to give your guests the ultimate clean comfort. If you’re hosting a large gathering, look no further than a luxury restroom trailer rental.

Why choose a luxury restroom trailer rental? How are they made? These are just some questions you might have before choosing luxury toilets. 

Here’s a guide to restroom trailers for your next big event and why it’s the best choice!

Reason to Choose Luxury Toilet Trailers

There are plenty of reasons to choose restroom trailers rather than traditional port-a-potties. Luxury toilets are suitable for many events and provide the ultimate comfort. Moreover, portable restrooms in trailers show your guests you care about their ‘bathroom experience.’

Suitable for Big Events

Weddings, corporate golf outings, fundraisers, concerts, and festivals are just a few places where luxury restroom trailer rentals are a great idea. Take care of your dressed-up guests! People in suits, gowns, and formal attire would prefer luxury toilets.

If you have 500 people for an event, you can rent several trailers to accommodate your guests. You’ll never have to worry about the size or whether guests must wait in long lines to use the bathroom. 

Many people might shun an outdoor event. Adding restroom trailers gives your guests a high-end experience. 


Using restroom trailers provides the comfort needed when attending a big event. It’s like using a bathroom in your home or a hotel! Traditional port-a-potties are small. 

Your guests will find restroom trailers have air-conditioning, running water, counter space, and flushable toilets. There are mirrors and heat. Luxury toilets are an excellent place for guests to freshen up, fix their hair, and straighten their ties or dress. 

Spacious floor plans and high-end flooring are also plusses. Luxury toilets allow for more room and space. 

Portable toilets can be hot and smelly. A trailer comes with adequate ventilation. 

You can also hire restroom attendants to ensure surfaces and floors remain clean. Workers can also refill toilet paper and soap dispensers. 

Show You Care

Regardless if your event is a wedding or corporate event, people likely spent a few bucks to attend. Why treat them any less? Give your guests opulence and splendor when renting toilets. 

Providing luxurious portable restrooms shows your guests that you took the time and energy to provide a comfortable bathroom experience. A well-planned event might cause eventgoers to give more to your charity or think more highly of your organization. 

Place Them in Any Location

Is your event in the middle of a field? Maybe in a park where there’s a lack of access to electrical outlets? How about a spot where the bathrooms are old and decrepit?

You can place portable restrooms within a trailer in any location. If your outdoor wedding is at a farm without bathroom access, renting toilets is your best bet!

You might only use the land for fairs and festivals once each year. Why invest in building commercial bathrooms? Luxury restroom trailers are the only answer.

Perhaps your event already has established restrooms, but not enough for your event. Allow them to serve as additional restrooms for the added capacity. This way, everyone will have a place to use the bathroom, with minimal lines and wait times. 

The company you hire will bring them in with a truck and place them anywhere you need. You can work with the restroom company to make the spot accessible to your guests. 

Long-Term Use

Many people might think you can use restroom trailers for just one event. However, rescue and relief organizations may use these trailers during a disaster.

Florida is ground zero for many severe weather disasters, costing the U.S. billions of dollars. Hurricane Ian cost Florida more than $112 billion. 

With the power and water out, trailers can give people a comfortable respite in the middle of a disaster zone. 

Solid Construction

Restroom trailers come with well-made materials and porcelain toilets. Plumbing, electrical, and flooring are like in your home, a luxury hotel, or an office building.

A solid waste tank can accommodate plenty of guests for hours on end. Fiberglass and plywood keep the trailers well-insulated. Whether summer or winter, your guests will always be comfortable!

Trailers also come with lighting and ventilation. They are built to last. 

The basic models can cost about $30,000 to build, while a higher-end model can cost upwards of $200,000. Trailers are built to withstand long travel distances, awkward terrain, and all types of weather!


You can move restroom trailers using a truck with a hitch. Typically, companies will use a heavy-duty, four-wheel drive truck to move the trailers on and off the property. 

Drivers come with insurance and the proper training. Each driver will work with you to put the trailer where needed for the event. 

Waste Disposal

Once your event is over, the owners of the restroom trailer company will come to remove the trailer. 

Crews will use a vacuum truck to remove the waste from the trailer and take it to a wastewater treatment facility. The plant processes the wastewater to become clean water. 

Vacuum trucks are powerful. There’s no need to scoop out the waste by hand. Trucks remove any waste in a safe and sanitary way. 

Restroom Trailers: What You Need to Know 

There are several things to know when considering renting restroom trailers. You can use trailers for any event and put them in any location. You can also use them for the long term; they even come complete with solid construction. 

Let us help you choose a luxury restroom trailer for your next event. Our experts will provide the necessary information about why luxury restrooms are the best solution! 

There are many things to worry about when planning a big event – don’t let the restrooms be one of them!  Leave that up to us!