Outdoor events have always been a staple of American culture, but does everyone want to rough it? A recent survey revealed that glamping is on the rise, indicating that we want to be outside, but not without a bit of luxury.

One of the biggest challenges of planning an outdoor event is providing the right facilities. In this case, we’re talking about portable bathrooms-not all of which meet the luxury standard.

By now, you’ve probably heard of luxury porta potties. The question is, what makes them so special? Are they really worth investing in for your high-end outdoor events?

The answer is yes, and we’re here to explain why. Read on to learn why the luxury porta potty is a cut above the rest.

Prioritizing Hygiene

The stigma that your standard porta potty isn’t hygienic isn’t quite accurate. When you partner with a professional porta potty rental company, you will receive porta potties that are sanitized and ready for use. However, the standard porta potty doesn’t come with all of the amenities guests can use to ensure personal hygiene (although handwashing stations are also available for rent).

Luxury portable restrooms come with many of the amenities you’d expect to find in a permanent indoor restroom. That includes a sink with running water, soap dispensers, and paper towels. Whether guests are using the restroom or want to wash up before eating, they can do so with ease in a luxury porta potty.

Keeping Up With Guest Counts

The last thing you want is for guests to miss out on the fun of your outdoor event. If the lines outside of a portable restroom grow too long, guests will find themselves losing a lot of time waiting around-and some may even leave early to avoid discomfort. When planning an outdoor event, you should always think about the size and quantity of portable bathrooms you can provide to accommodate your guests.

When renting standard portable restrooms, you’re renting one toilet apiece. Luxury porta potties come equipped with two women’s bathrooms and two men’s bathrooms. The women’s bathrooms include one flushable toilet and one sink. The men’s bathrooms include one flushable toilet with a privacy stall, one urinal behind a partition, and one sink.

We recommend providing at least one toilet per 50 guests. A single luxury porta potty can serve a whopping 200 guests (or more if the guest count includes more men than women).

Meeting Expectations

The outdoor event planning checklist is long, even for a casual event. Because you can’t rely on a venue to provide basic amenities, you have to make sure that guests have everything they need to feel comfortable. If you’re hoping to plan a memorable event, it’s also crucial to consider guest expectations.

When your guests are dressed in their finest, they don’t want to use a standard porta potty. In fact, they’re probably expecting more of you because you’ve asked more of them. An elegant porta potty can ensure that you’re meeting guest expectations, rather than leaving them feeling disappointed or confused.

Partying After Dark

Almost all outdoor events require portable toilets, especially if you’re planning on serving beverages (and especially if you’re serving adult beverages). The longer your event is, the more you need to prioritize providing enough bathrooms to accommodate your guest count. People tend to need a restroom every three to four hours, and bathroom use can become more frequent depending on what they’ve been drinking.

What if your event is going to continue after sundown? A typical portable bathroom setup should involve some exterior lights to ensure guest safety and visibility. However, it’s not a bad idea to provide a portable bathroom with interior lights if you’re partying well after dark.

Luxury porta potties come equipped with interior lighting that can rival a permanent bathroom. This makes the bathroom experience more pleasant throughout the night.

Escaping the Elements

Things can get cool here at Jensen Beach, but more often than not, it’s pretty toasty. Our summer season is a long one with high temperatures and high humidity, which can add a whole new challenge to your outdoor event. How can you keep guests cool and comfortable when it’s sweltering outside?

One thing to consider is a climate-controlled rental bathroom. Luxury porta potties are considered the fancy porta potties in no small part because they have heating and cooling. While standard porta potties can become hotter inside when outdoor temperatures rise, luxury porta potties provide a nice reprieve from the heat.

Plus, our fall and winter nights can dip down into the 50s. Having a portable restroom that also has heating technology is perfect when you need versatile climate control to get from warmer days to cooler nights.

A True Powder Room Experience

In the world of rental restrooms, nothing can compare to the elegant porta potty trailer. To sum up what makes the luxury porta potty stand out, all amenities include:

  • Lighting
  • Climate control
  • Laminate floors
  • Flushable toilets
  • Sinks with running water
  • Soap and paper towels
  • Mirrors
  • Great aesthetic design

The standard porta potty is great when guests are looking to fulfill one single need. If you’re looking to give guests the true powder room experience, you should opt for luxury portable restrooms. In a luxury porta potty, guests can do everything from using the bathroom to washing their hands to refreshing their makeup.

Rent Luxury Porta Potties for Your Jensen Beach Events

Outdoor events are still a collective favorite, but some people are starting to prefer outdoor luxury over outdoor ruggedness. When you’re planning an upscale outdoor event, it’s important to meet the expectations you’re setting for your guests. Luxury porta potties are changing everything we’ve come to expect from the portable bathroom experience and are a perfect solution for upscale events.

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