As a kid on a road trip, your parents probably made you hold it when you begged to go pee. The thing is, modern research has shown that’s a really bad idea. Unless you like UTI infections, kidney stones, and damaged pelvic muscles, that is.

You need a porta potty rental for your event. It’s not just a convenience for guests, it’s a biological essential. The thing is, which size should you get?

Event restrooms can be as big or as little as you need them. Let’s discuss how you can determine the ideal portable restroom size for a successful event.

What Porta Potty Rental Sizes Are Available?

During your event planning, you won’t be forced to choose the same generic porta potty you’re imagining. There are three general sizes. Let’s review them below.

Standard Size

This is your run-of-the-mill portable restroom. It’s got one toilet seat and a toilet paper dispenser. It arrives sanitary and ready to go for your event.

This type of portable restroom has spring-loaded doors that are full height. They won’t get left open to stink up the event. Most importantly, your taller guests won’t have to stoop to get inside.

They include a latch with an “in-use” indicator for any guests who might accidentally barge in. There is a translucent roof that allows exterior illumination to reach the inside. Thanks to this, you usually don’t have to provide ancillary lighting.

These units stay fresh thanks to the air vents at the top. They are usually good to go for single-day or multi-day events without servicing. For longer-term solutions, they get regular biweekly or weekly service visits.

ADA Size

US law requires your event restrooms to be accessible to those with disabilities. Basically, this means that a porta potty rental should allow for wheelchair access. This includes features for those with mobility disabilities of all kinds.

ADA porta potties feature the same basic features as their standard counterparts. The only major difference is that they have a much larger door and internal standing space. They include an ADA-compliant sign, too.

Most events should have an ADA portable restroom just in case. Depending on local regulations, this may be a requirement regardless of a roster of fully-abled guests. 

However, these also serve as the “big” porta potties. If you would rather give your guests more room, we recommend them. They give more breathing room than your standard portable toilets. 

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

This is the penthouse of portable toilets. As the name implies, you are giving your guests a luxury bathroom experience. 

Rather than plastic walls, luxury portable toilets feel like a well-appointed room. They have wood grain laminate flooring, mirrors, and interior lighting. They include muted colors to help blend with your event’s color scheme.

Further, they include climate control for a comfortable experience year-round. Customers get a cool hideaway in the summer, and a warm one in winter. Plus, you get fully functional sinks to wash your hands.

Step into a luxury trailer, and you feel like an executive. There’s more room and a more inviting atmosphere. People can unwind a bit if they need to without the claustrophobia of a normal John.

Which Portable Restroom Size Should You Choose?

It’s difficult to give a clear-cut answer for every situation. So instead, let’s provide a few generic answers to help you decide which ones you need.

Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental for Upscale Events

If you have an indoor venue, then the bathrooms come included. Luxury venues have luxury bathrooms by default.

An upscale outdoor event, on the other hand, depends on you. Regular porta potties tend to look tacky for important guests.

Luxury portable restrooms maintain the feel of a VIP-only event. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate function, the result is the same. People get the sense that they are at a classier activity if the bathrooms “match the drapes,” as it were.

Choose ADA Restrooms for a Cheaper Alternative

Perhaps you don’t have the event planning budget for luxury restroom trailers. In that case, you can rent ADA-compliant portable restrooms. As we’ve said, these are roomier and nicer to use space-wise.

These restrooms are also good for more personal events. Guests who are family and friends will appreciate the added space and comfort.

You don’t need to make all of the portable potties the ADA variety. However, having more than the law requires will be a nice plus for someone who needs a moment alone.

Choose the Standard Option for Everything Else

For many events, you just need a place for people to answer nature’s call. Supreme guest comfort isn’t the end goal. Rather, it’s having enough potties to sustain high throughput.

This is especially the case for big events where you have a hundred or more people. The restroom line can get quite long and quite fast. At that point, people just want to empty their bladder, not get a gilded bathroom experience.

Most importantly, this is a cost-friendly option. You get clean, high-quality restrooms for any event budget.

Standard toilets are also ideal for long-term events. Think of outdoor festivals that last a week or more. As long as they get their weekly or biweekly service visits, they will serve valiantly. 

Of course, you will need to throw in an ADA toilet or two. 

Get Your Porta Potties from Freedom Waste Services

A porta potty rental is a must-have for any outdoor event. We recommend luxury trailer rentals for important, higher-class events like weddings and VIP luncheons. For everything else, standard or ADA restrooms will do just the trick.

Freedom Waste Services is your source for reliable porta potty rentals and services. Get a quote here for your upcoming outdoor event.