Do you have a bad memory of using a porta-potty as a kid? You’re not alone, since the stigma against portable toilets is strong throughout the world.

The days of dirty, cold, and smelly porta-potties are gone. Today, luxurious portable bathrooms are the king of the hill. Couples even use them for extra convenience at their high-end weddings.

Still not convinced that a luxury restroom trailer rental is the right choice for your event? Keep reading to learn about the key features that’ll have your guests feeling like royalty!

Clean and Sanitized

One of the worst crimes that people associate with a portable restroom is the uncleanliness of it. They expect bad sights and even worse smells.

These are things you’ll never need to worry about when it comes to a high-quality restroom trailer.

Instead of reusing water over and over, these luxury trailers have a built-in tank of fresh water to cycle through. This gives your guests the cleanest toilet experience possible. It also helps to ensure that any foul smell washes away before it has time to stink up the area.

Temperature Control

When you’re hosting an upscale outdoor event, you want your guests to feel comfortable the entire time. This includes the time spent in the bathroom.

No one wants to go into a sweltering hot bathroom that’s been cooking in the sun all day. They don’t want a restroom that’s too cold due to the autumn chill, either.

That’s why you’ll need to rent bathroom accommodations that include temperature control. It’ll stay at a stable temperature the entire time it’s in use. Your guests will feel as though they’ve stepped into a traditional bathroom and will have a hard time telling the difference.

Sleek Design

Restroom trailers won’t drag down a fancy event since they’re built with design in mind. They’re meant to be a useful tool to improve the event, rather than an eyesore that causes problems.

Choose trailer rentals that come with laminated flooring to make any messes easy to clean. Include mirrors and sinks in your search so that your guests can do everything they need to in the bathroom without seeking out alternate places. 

If your bathroom rental doesn’t come with these basic necessities, then it’s in your guests’ interests to look for a different one.

Safe Lighting

Good lighting is a vital part of keeping your guests comfortable and safe. If it’s difficult to see inside the bathroom trailer, then accidents and mishaps are bound to happen. To make the issue even worse, poor lighting can downplay the luxurious touch of your rental.

Instead of showing off its fine details, clean interior, and muted design, low lighting gives the trailer a nefarious atmosphere. It makes the trailer feel as though it suits a dark corner somewhere rather than a beautiful outdoor event. This simple switch to better lighting can make a huge difference in the happiness of your guests.

Always make sure the lighting in your rental trailer is up to par. This way, you’ll make certain that everyone at your event is both comfortable and safe throughout their stay.

Spacious Privacy

When people think about portable bathrooms, they’re often reminded of a time they had to squeeze inside of one. A luxury trailer never has this issue.

They’re equipped with proper doors so that guests can go in and out of the bathroom with ease. They won’t have to worry about ruining their clothing or touching something indecent when all they want is to use the restroom.

These kinds of high-end bathroom trailers also provide a better sense of privacy than old traditional porta-potties. With sturdy walls and proper doors with locks, your guests can enjoy their time in the bathroom without feeling rushed or uncomfortable.

Upscale Any Venue

No matter which type of event you’re planning, a luxury restroom trailer will suit your guests better than other types of restrooms. Since these trailers have high-end designs, they automatically make your event feel more decadent.

Your guests will appreciate the fact that you went for bathrooms that put their needs first.

Bathrooms are often the unsung heroes of events around the world. They’re not the focus, but your event will struggle without them. By going with a luxurious option, you’ll make sure that your guests never dread going to the bathroom while they participate.

Better Event Options

Sometimes a location could be perfect for an upcoming event, but you’re unable to utilize it because there are no bathrooms nearby. When you use luxury restroom trailers, you can host your event almost anywhere.

This opens up many options for you and your community. Instead of returning to the same places every year, you’ll have the chance to expand your hosting areas.

Even a beautiful forest location is a possibility with the help of these bathroom trailers.

Quicker Visits

Good bathroom accommodations mean that your guests will have the capability to get in and out without any mishaps. They’ll have access to everything they need for a clean bathroom visit. There’s never a need to panic or worry about a mess because they have the tools necessary to do their business in a normal way.

This all leads to quicker bathroom visits so that more people can get use out of the trailer.

You’ll always want to have an appropriate number of restroom trailers depending on your event size. However, with luxury trailers, your guests will enjoy shorter lines and better conditions than ever before.

Top-Quality Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

When choosing a luxury restroom trailer rental, you want to go for the best of the best. This way, you know that your guests will enjoy a fancy atmosphere that isn’t faked.

Freedom Waste Services takes pride in providing event planners with a luxurious bathroom option that makes their guests feel at ease. We have over 20 years of experience and can help turn any event’s bathroom situation into a paradise. 

Take a look at what you can expect from our luxury restroom rentals, and get a free quote today!