We all know that when you gotta go, you gotta go. In fact, most people use the bathroom an average of ten times a day

While that number of bathroom breaks is totally normal, things get tricky if you’re planning an event with no bathroom access. Thankfully, you can rent a porta potty to help with everyone’s bathroom needs. Although you may not realize it, a porta potty rental has many eco-friendly benefits. 

Do you want to learn more about how portable toilets are good for the earth? We cover all the basics in our guide below. 

Portable Toilet History 

The first portable toilets popped up in the late 1950s. Both construction companies and event planners liked the convenience of these toilets. 

Fiberglass porta potties became the norm in the 1970s. These models were easier to keep clean than their wooden counterparts. 

Today you will usually find polyurethane portable toilets, but there are more choices out there too. You can get a luxury restroom trailer rental for your upscale events. 

How Porta Potties Work 

A porta potty is a self-contained unit that collects human waste. It is a stand-alone structure that you can put in any location without a bathroom. Most porta potties work in the same way.

Blue Solution

The solution found at the bottom of a porta potty usually has five different ingredients in it. Most of the tank is full of water. Mixed in the water are biocides and enzymes to break down the waste. 

Each porta potty has some fragrance included. Along with the fragrance are surfactants to help the fragrance do its job. 

The last ingredient is the blue dye that we all know so well. This color keeps people from seeing the contents of the portable toilet. It also changes to a green color when it’s time to get cleaned out.


Most of these stand-alone bathrooms consist of a thick plastic exterior. The roof is transparent to deflect the sun and vents keep airflow moving inside. 


If it’s too cold, salt gets added to the tank. This helps keep the solution from freezing up. In hot weather, more of the enzyme solution gets put in the tank to keep the waste smell down. 

Cleaning a Portable Toilet 

Most porta potties get cleaned weekly. During this process, the cleaning technician pumps the waste out of the holding tank. They will also clean and sanitize the inside of the portable toilet and re-fill any hand sanitizer or toilet paper.

Eco-Benefits of a Porta Potty 

Most porta potties are much more modern than the portable toilets of the past. You can find restroom trailer options that are sleek and convenient. These upgraded models are also better for the environment. 

Water Conservation 

Every time a person flushes a toilet, they use water. All the water used when flushing the toilet in a household can add up fast. Toilets account for an average of 30 percent of the water a house uses!

Portable toilets don’t have any water to flush. These restroom options save millions of gallons of fresh water each year. 

Proper Waste Disposal 

Human waste can be full of very harmful microorganisms. People must dispose of human waste in the right way to avoid it seeping into nearby water sources. When you rent a porta potty, you’ll know that someone has properly disposed of the human waste.

This proper disposal is also helpful to wildlife. Porta potties keep human waste away from the water wildlife could get into. This proper disposal keeps disease and death away from these creatures. 

Proper waste disposal is crucial to keep vegetation healthy and growing. If human waste got into a moving water supply, it could harm many plant species. 

Using a porta potty also keeps new vegetation from growing where it’s not supposed to grow. If a seed passed through the body and got into the ground, it could grow where it landed. This could disrupt the vegetation of that outside location. 

Helps Keep Insects at Bay 

Many types of bugs love nothing more than to feast on human waste. If there was no portable toilet, insects could get to this waste with ease. This could spread pathogens to other unsuspecting people. 

Having no portable toilet can also be a cause of concern if a person has a parasite. If a person or animal came into contact with the earth that was contaminated by a parasite, they could get very ill. 

Even the most basic porta potty rental comes with hand sanitizer. Today, you can also find upscale options with running water. 

Keep Odors Under Control 

Nobody wants to think about what the smell would be like if you held an event with no bathroom. The design of a porta potty keeps the odors from getting out of hand. 

You won’t have to worry about the climate when you rent a porta potty. There are different products used to keep the portable toilet smelling good in hot and cold weather. When you rent a porta potty, your event will stay smelling fresh. 

Clean Hands and Clothes 

If you don’t have a dedicated location to go to the bathroom, things can get unsanitary. You’ll want to clean your hands after you go, which is harder to do in the great outdoors.

Porta potties keep waste in one spot. It also has an area you can wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Both of these elements mean a cleaner you. 

Eco-Friendly Materials 

Companies make many portable toilets out of recycled materials. The ease of moving these toilets also means fewer building materials in a location. 

Rent a Porta Potty to Help the Environment 

Although you can find portable toilets in many places, they are not all created equal. When you rent a porta potty, make sure to choose a professional company with an excellent reputation. This will ensure you give the best experience for your guests. 

If you’re looking to rent a portable toilet, look no further than Freedom Waste. Our 20 years of experience means we know how to get the job done. Contact us for a free quote today!